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Oxford Whispers Review

on March 25, 2013

ImageMadison LeBon tried to run away from her voodoo heritage and her life in Louisiana, but to no avail. Her heritage catches up with her in Oxford through a mysterious XIXth century painting by William Shakespeare Burton.The historical and artistic aspects of this novel were thorough, solid, and what I appreciated the most.

The story was an enjoyable read with many twists. The main character is likeable, but not very confident, which is perhaps why I preferred Pippa,even though her friendship with Madison suffers later on in the book owing to their similar taste in men. At least in one man in particular: the rich and handsome Rupert Vance.

At first, I didn’t have a too good opinion of Rupert, but he proved to be quite reliable as the story progressed. On the other hand, I thought Jackson who was pretty likeable at the beginning gradually got more and more annoying.

The only drawback for me was perhaps how often the narrator expressed how much Madison is physically attracted to Rupert (every time they touch or he if he’s standing next to her, etc etc). Also, I hope Madison’s voodoo heritage and abilities will be dealt with in depth in the next installment of the series.

Otherwise, this book should be recommended to all who enjoy a delightful English setting with a voodooistic twist.

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