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#RiseAbove Cyberbullying!

on September 26, 2017

Hi everyone!
I’m so proud to take part in the #RiseAbove campaign with Wattpad and TELUS to take a stand against cyberbullying!Here’s my entry.  You can also take part in the contest to win a brand new Essential phone by submitting your own story on the @TELUS Wattpad profile!

My Russian Hacker


I recently confounded a crook, blocked my best friend from my social media, and nearly helped the American government catch a dangerous Russian hacker. What a whirlwind!
It all started when I decided to sublet my Brooklyn apartment.
Tall and glamorous with a lovely Russian accent, Anouchka was a rising actress who made fifty times my rent in a year. She needed a quiet sublet while her Upper East Side apartment was undergoing renovations.
We became #best friends and social media friends during the apartment visit. I told her everything about myself: my love life, my family’s move from Ukraine to the US, and my boring studies.
She adored my place and convinced me to forgo other candidates as she’d pay the full amount upfront once she moved in.
Boy, was I delighted!
When she moved in the next day, she claimed someone had stolen her wallet, and she could no longer withdraw money from her bank account. Thankfully, a “friend” had given her two checks for me to deposit.
It was only after I’d given her the keys and a sublease agreement that I started to wonder if her checks were in fact real. I sensed something didn’t add up, and asked for clarification.
She quickly became threatening. Her anger was no joke.
“You’ll pay for this,” were her parting words.


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