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4 facts this French Girl loves about Emily in Paris

on October 14, 2020

Anna Adams is a French young adult author living in Paris. She’s bilingual and is the author of the Amazon bestselling French Girl in New York series.

As a Parisian author whose bestselling series is about a French girl who moves to New York, I was curious to see how  the opposite storyline (an American girl who moves to Paris) was handled and why French people were so furious with Emily in Paris.

While I agree with some of the criticism (the main character is at times really annoying), I also thought the series shows aspects of Paris that are overlooked by French media.

Here are the top four facts about Paris that Emily in Paris gets right.

1. Beurk, Paris is dirty!

Ah yes! Sorry to shatter a few illusions, here. Every Parisian complains about Paris being dirty. The scene in which Emily steps in dog poop is priceless. I laughed so hard!

2. Oui, Paris is diverse!

It’s refreshing to see a show set in France with women of all ages and young people of different origins in its main cast. You can find everyone in Paris! Unfortunately, French TV shows and movies still fail to show French diversity. Hopefully, this show will encourage them to do so. I think Emily in Paris could go further in season 2 if it steps slightly away from the touristy arrondissements, to where all the real fun happens!

3. Oh mon Dieu, Paris is beautiful!

Paris is still the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen, despite the dog poop, trash, strikes. As an author, I travel around the world because I want to capture its beauty, and open a window to my young readers, but Paris continues to inspire me and brings me home every time.

4. J’adore Paris dating life!

Emily’s love triangle is super fun and romantic!

As a single girl in Paris, I feel it’s amazing to date in the City of Lights, especially when doing so in the Parisian artistic scene. But those are stories for another article… or book!

Anna Adams is the author of the bestselling YA series A French Girl in New York that has garnered over 5 million reads on Wattpad. She’s worked with multiple brands such as Coca-Cola. The series-starter is free right HERE.

To learn more about Anna Adams, visit her official website

3 responses to “4 facts this French Girl loves about Emily in Paris

  1. Waiting for the netflix series Ms Adams!!

  2. Thanks Potterheadaanya!

  3. My pleasure! Do you mind if I reblog this post?
    I really liked it!

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