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4 facts this French Girl loves about Emily in Paris

Anna Adams is a French young adult author living in Paris. She’s bilingual and is the author of the Amazon bestselling French Girl in New York series.

As a Parisian author whose bestselling series is about a French girl who moves to New York, I was curious to see how  the opposite storyline (an American girl who moves to Paris) was handled and why French people were so furious with Emily in Paris.

While I agree with some of the criticism (the main character is at times really annoying), I also thought the series shows aspects of Paris that are overlooked by French media.

Here are the top four facts about Paris that Emily in Paris gets right.

1. Beurk, Paris is dirty!

Ah yes! Sorry to shatter a few illusions, here. Every Parisian complains about Paris being dirty. The scene in which Emily steps in dog poop is priceless. I laughed so hard!

2. Oui, Paris is diverse!

It’s refreshing to see a show set in France with women of all ages and young people of different origins in its main cast. You can find everyone in Paris! Unfortunately, French TV shows and movies still fail to show French diversity. Hopefully, this show will encourage them to do so. I think Emily in Paris could go further in season 2 if it steps slightly away from the touristy arrondissements, to where all the real fun happens!

3. Oh mon Dieu, Paris is beautiful!

Paris is still the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen, despite the dog poop, trash, strikes. As an author, I travel around the world because I want to capture its beauty, and open a window to my young readers, but Paris continues to inspire me and brings me home every time.

4. J’adore Paris dating life!

Emily’s love triangle is super fun and romantic!

As a single girl in Paris, I feel it’s amazing to date in the City of Lights, especially when doing so in the Parisian artistic scene. But those are stories for another article… or book!

Anna Adams is the author of the bestselling YA series A French Girl in New York that has garnered over 5 million reads on Wattpad. She’s worked with multiple brands such as Coca-Cola.

To learn more about Anna Adams, visit her official website


A French Song in New York-Exclusive Sneak peek!



French-Song-In-New-York (1)


Former students who become teachers both fear and fantasize about their fateful first day of school.

Their apprehension stems from the prospect of facing a new version of themselves, complete with their flaws and qualities.
It was so with Maude Laurent, a famous twenty-one-year-old singer with beautiful chocolate brown skin, who would soon embark on the incredible journey of becoming a mentor.
She had returned to New York after a successful world tour and felt that performing for crowds was less daunting than the prospect of teaching vocal lessons to a single Grace Heaton the next day.
Only practice could calm Maude’s back-to-school jitters.
That was why she tested her professorial skills in the safe quarters of Soulville Records.

The cozy Creation Room she worked in had seen her humble beginnings as a singer.
Only a few years had gone by since Maude had arrived from France, poor and orphaned, singing classical music and French songs. The room was still her haven now that she had a thriving career, a family, friends and, that day, an unwilling beta student.
Her boyfriend, Matt, far from being an unruly student, had quite a number of faults.
One of them, he was proud to say, consisted in never missing an opportunity to interrupt Maude’s lesson by stealing a kiss.
“This is the opposite of an appropriate student-teacher relationship.” Maude extricated herself from Matt’s embrace and kept him at arm’s length.

“Good thing I’m not really your student.” With puckered lips, he pulled Maude closer to him. She smiled, acknowledging that this fact was indeed a cause for relief.
“Hold still. I need practice. Grace will be ruthless if I show the slightest hesitation.”
“Why do you want to give this girl classes again? Oh, right!” Matt slapped the top of his head. “You’re a masochist.”
“She needs to have someone on her side,” Maude insisted. “She’s spent the last two years at Children’s Haven, after being abandoned by her family.”
“What happened to her parents?”
“I never had the guts to ask.” Maude bit the inside of her mouth, tense. “Imagine if she asked me out of the blue, ‘Hey, what happened to your parents?’ I probably wouldn’t tell her. Talking about death usually puts a cramp in any conversation.”

Matt wrapped his arms around Maude. As she placed her head on his shoulder, she whispered, “One of them must have given her that beautiful voice. With the right training, she’ll get cast as Lilac in my musical. I can feel it.”
“It’s your musical now, huh?” Matt pinched her right cheek. “Someone’s getting a little cocky.”
“Violet’s Voice is Mr. Soderline’s musical,” Maude rectified. “But he chose me as the lead. It’s a little bit of my musical, too. Especially since Julia Tanand is no longer a part of it and several of my songs are in the libretto.”

Nothing made Maude prouder than the reminder that she’d rid herself of a staunch rival with little effort on her part.
Due to pure happenstance, she had discovered the singer who proclaimed she was French and a pianistic prodigy did not know how to distinguish a do from a fa on a keyboard.
Under Alan Lewis’ manipulative tutelage, Julia had sought to overshadow Maude’s career. Now that Maude knew the singer’s secret, and had graciously promised that she would not reveal it, Julia would no longer be a problem.
“Imagine me playing a French girl moving to New York to become a singer. That’s already my real-life story!” Maude squealed. “I’m so excited to start rehearsals soon.”
Raising her arms in the air with an exaggerated sigh, she flapped her arms like wings, before racing to the broad French windows. She gazed at Manhattan with a renewed sense of healthy ambition. Classical, pop, and now Broadway. The city had so much to offer to those who dared to dream.

“Any particular reason why you’re looking forward to these rehearsals?” Matt asked as he came up to the window and stood next to her.
He stood still, but it was his crisp tone that indicated to Maude that something was amiss.
“I wrote part of the songs and the story’s inspiring. Why else would I look forward to …?”
Matt blinked twice, turned away from her, and emitted a long, heavy whistle.
Maude followed him. “You heard?”
“Did I hear Thomas Bradfield got a part in the musical?” Matt put his hands in his pockets and lifted his shoulders. “I’d have to be buried under a rock to avoid hearing about it. I was kind of wondering when you’d tell me about it.”
“You see,” Maude started nervously, “the thing is, I thought you’d mention it once you found out.” Maude winced at her lack of intelligence. “Tell me you’re not anxious about this. I heard it would be a tiny role.”
Removing his hands from his pockets, he lifted them as if to shield his torso.
“I’m not anxious. In fact, I’m kind of curious to listen to him sing something other than a song he stole from us. Not sure he can,” Matt laughed.
Maude rolled her eyes, but was relieved that the tension had diffused.
Matt would never get over Thomas and Lindsey Linton plagiarizing Paris versus New York City, and she no longer expected him to. But she had moved on.
“This, right here, is something I don’t understand. Why are girls always said to be petty, but not guys?”
“I’m not competing with him! Because I’ve already won.” Matt gave her a coy smile. “I’ve got a career and he’s running after crumbs. I’ve got the girl he loved. He’s got Lindsey Linton.”
“Lindsey’s a good person.” Matt’s raised eyebrows prompted Maude to add, “When she wants to be.”
“Maybe I should date her then.”
Maude squeezed his nose. “You could, but then you wouldn’t be dating a singer slash teacher of the year.”
“That wouldn’t be so bad,” he said in a nasal tone. “No corporal punishment.”
Maude released his nose and kissed its tip.
“Every student has a crush on at least one of their teachers.”
“You got me. I had a mad crush on my sixth grade math teacher. She smelled nice and had shiny hair. Her smile was like a ray of sunshine,” Matt sighed dreamily. “I became good in math, thanks to her. I’m positive, Maude, had I been of legal age, I’d have stood a chance.”
“Keep dreaming,” Maude laughed. “I knew I never had a shot with my math teacher. He took pleasure in giving me bad grades. Loved to remind me just how bad I was at it. I’ll never be like him. I want to encourage my students to do better.”
“I like being encouraged,” Matt nodded gravely. “Please, do encourage me.”
Maude’s giggles burst out like sparkling wine from an uncorked bottle.
Locking her arms around his neck, she nibbled his lip before kissing him gently.
For she was certain that no student, no musical, and no Thomas Bradfield could ruin the happiness of two people in love.


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Matt’s Interview

 I, the infamous, Lexie Staz have just been hired by Hollywood Buzz and my first assignment is to write a special feature on Maude Laurent.  I  have to interview all Maude’s friends and family.

Matt, who’s still holding a silly grudge against me for doing my job, accepted to be interviewed only after I hounded his voicemail for three days straight.

Lexie Staz:  Thanks so much for accepting to be interviewed by Hollywood Buzz. We’re happy to have you here with us.
Matt: I’m happy to be here, too. Besides, I prefer answering questions than having other people spread rumors about me (laughs).
Lexie Staz: Hmm, you’re not  talking about me, now, are you?
Matt: Of course not Lexie (laughs). I know how much authenticity is important to you.
Lexie Staz:   That’s very true. I also  love scoops! And I heard you lived with the Baldwins for a while. What was that like?
Matt: It was one of the best times of my life!
There were as many guys as there were girls under one roof.  Let’s just say, TV nights were a nightmare. By the time a decision was made, the shows we were fighting to watch were already over (laughs).
Lexie Staz: Or maybe, this is just a suggestion, you could’ve just bought another TV?
Matt: The Baldwins don’t want us to spend too much time in front of a screen. They’d rather we spend time developing our creativity.
Lexie Staz: I’m not surprised. Did you have chores?
Matt: Everyone participated in house chores, but some more than others. Jazmine took forever to do her chores so Cynthia ended up doing her sister’s share in addition  to her own.  Ben usually played the ‘little brother card’ to get out of his. I did my share… most of the time (laughs).
Lexie Staz: I’m sure you had better things to do. Like all those parties you used to go to. You’re in a stable relationship with Maude Laurent now.  Tell me, what do you like most about Maude?
Matt: There are a lot of things obviously. Perhaps, what I love most are her eyes. They’re very expressive. I can tell what she’s thinking just by looking at them.
Lexie Staz: Now I have to ask: what do you dislike most about Maude?
Matt: Her smile. It’s so beautiful it makes me do things I usually hate doing.  Like visiting museums.
Lexie Staz:  You and Maude travel a lot. Paris, Milan, Berlin, London. Which city would you like to visit with Maude next?
Matt: Seoul in South Korea. I’m sure she’d love it! I know I did.
Lexie Staz: Will you be releasing a new album?
Matt: I never stop working. It’s vital for me to produce new material whether I’m working with other artists or whether I’m  creating my own music.

Lexie Staz: Here’s a fan question by Wattpader Nerdy_Unicorn23: If there was one thing that NO ONE knew about you- including Maude, what would it be?

Matt: Hmm, maybe I should hold on to this secret a little while longer (laughs). I’ve never told anyone, but I will do so now. Even if I know Maude will mercilessly make fun of me when she hears this.

I slept with Huggy, my teddy bear, until I was thirteen. In fact you may still find him in a special toy case I keep under my bed.

Lexie Staz: Hmm… Interesting note to end on. Thank you for participating! It’s always such a pleasure to work with you.

Matt: Thank you, Lexie and to all Hollywood Buzz readers for keeping my secret.


Announcing Book 4: A French Diva in New York

Hi everyone!

Book 4 is on the way! The title is A French Diva in New York set to be released December 15, 2014.
The cover reveal will be July 10th. Newsletter subscribers will get to see the cover a couple of days early. You can still subscribe to my newsletter at this link!newsletter/c1kcz


New website, blog and excerpt

Hi everyone!

I have a new, awesome website at this link

The next excerpt of A French Princess in Versailles will be published on the new website on June 16th, 2014!


Cover reveal-A French Princess in Versailles (The French Girl series #3)

Here’s the cover and blurb for my new book, “A French Princess in Versailles.” Hope you like it!


Determined to escape her failed pop career and focus on her classical training, Maude Laurent moves back to France and enrolls at the prestigious National Academy of Arts. Between balls, charity events, concerts, and navigating in the French elite, Maude has to prove she’s cut out to become a professional opera singer in a world where pop music is regarded with disdain.

Though she fights it, her past catches up with her when she meets an English teacher who forces her to see a world beyond the safety of the Academy and takes her down an unusual musical journey where the risk is great and the reward uncertain. And when a chain of events bring her and Matt back in the same town, Maude will learn that music can bring people closer or tear them apart forever.

*A French Princess in Versailles will be released June 30th, 2014*



Cover reveal- A French Star in New York (The French Girl series #2)



“Maude thought her life couldn’t get any better: her first music album is a hit, she’s about to meet her extended family and she’s looking forward to her first date with teen pop star, Matt.
But when scandal strikes Maude must part ways with Matt, and watch Soulville Records fall into the hands of an ambitious Alan Lewis, who will stop at nothing to turn Maude into an unparalleled star.
Between glamorous parties, an unauthorized tell-all book, a web of lies, new revelations about her French past and her rivalry with Lindsey Linton attaining a whole new level, Maude must fight for her voice to be heard and decide if being a star is more important than her love for music.”

A French Star in New York (The French Girl series #2)

For a chance to win a copy of ‘A French Star in New York’ don’t hesitate to participate in the cover reveal giveaway  from June 10 to July 31. Just click on the picture underneath. Good luck!

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